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"Your sacred space is where you can find

yourself again and again."- Joseph Campbell

Services Provided

Individual & Family Psychotherapy

Tesa offers individual and family therapy for a variety of emotional, behavioral, and psychological struggles. I employ a holistic approach, integrating attachment and neurobiological research findings with body-centered approaches to healing.


Somatic Experiencing

Developed by Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing®, or SE, is a short-term body-oriented method of releasing trauma and stress that becomes “stuck” in the body. The SE framework assesses where an individual may be fixated in their stress response, either in fight, flight, or freeze or a combination of all three.  By gently increasing tolerance for difficult sensations and emotions, it facilitates the completion of innate protective responses and discharges blocked survival energy. Providing effective skills, SE can be transformative for PTSD and shock trauma.


Somatic Touch

Somatic Touch is a trauma-resolution modality that utilizes touch in order to increase somatic awareness and regulate activation. It is a direct way to include the body into psychotherapy. 


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